Updates from the MC #2: Growing pains

Hola Law School,

It’s me again, with further updates on the website and the state of IT in general. I’ll be brief this time, I promise.

First, JustEnrichment

Click here if you want to find out what happened to JustEnrichment and click here to access it. I’m still working on bringing the old accounts over so if you urgently need to use it in the mean time, register a new one and I’ll look towards approving it as soon as possible.

Second, a cover image for “Updates from the MC”

A cover image makes it look nicer in my opinion. Although it’s probably just a placeholder for now. Bao Long might want to make another one, or I could at his direction (publicity is a pretty busy job).

Third, various website components that I touched upon the last time

So first off, I realise I neglected to mention the “Welfare” tab. It’s up there alright. Underneath it you’ll find the medical reimbursement guide (did you know that visits to doctors near BTC are claimable because I didn’t) and the Ground-up initiatives proposal form. “About Us” is delayed because we haven’t had a chance to take photos due to the rain this past week. The merch store is ready but NUS just rolled out this e-commerce thing so we’re waiting on that. “Contact Us” is going to take a little longer.

That’s about it for now. Until next time.

Zhao Junning

39th MC Media Director

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