Updates from the MC #1: Welcome to the redesigned website!

Hey Law School,

Welcome to the redesigned website! I needed a test post so I figured I might as well introduce the new website while I’m at it. Note that not everything mentioned in this post has been implemented yet although I expect most of it to be up by the end of next week.

1: The Home Page

Chances are this was the page that brought you to this post (in the current design). The first thing you’ll notice on the home page is the image carousel. This was (AFAIK) created in response to feedback that more could be done to promote the student life at BTC. Although it only has images from Law Camp right now, the goal is to constantly update it with new pictures from school events throughout the academic year.

Right below the image carousel are links to the various sub-clubs. Again, this is like a shout-out to them so hey guys.

Below that is where you will find posts from the MC about updates (such as this one). Bao Long has told me that he intends to pester everyone into penning an update once every two weeks or so. I wish him the best of luck. I’ll still be here even if that doesn’t work out so at least you’ve got that going for you, which is good.

2: About Us (Coming Soon!)

No, this is not just an exercise in narcissism: it’s important to put this information out there so that everyone can find out who to turn to with their problems (hooray for constructive knowledge!).

That said, over here is where you will find the profiles of your current MC to get to know us all a little bit better. I’m still deciding on how to present the profiles but it might be gimmicky, or interesting, maybe both. Look forward to it if that’s something you look forward to.

3: Merch store (Coming Soon!)

We are taking the merch sale online! (But just the ordering bit, payment remains cash on collection at the room). I’ve also heard the idea of a lookbook being thrown around. No promises but don’t be surprised if you get approached by us to be a model for our 2019 S/S collection.

4: Students’ Feedback

This is something new we’ve created to make it easier to turn in feedback to us. It might not look like much now but there’s a whole ecosystem behind it so I do encourage you to give it a try if you have any feedback. Don’t rely on Overheard all the time, please.

5: Contact Us (Coming Soon!)

This is an update on the old Contact Us page based on the direction of the Bao Long the publicity director. This is more for business communications (think email blasts, sponsorships, or general enquiries) rather than for feedback. Use the Students’ Feedback if you really have something you want us to look into!

The general direction behind these posts is to keep them around 150 words or so because people have really short attention spans now days. That said, I really wanted to take yall through the website so I seek your indulgence in going over that limit (but not by much! This post is only about the shorter end of a General Paper essay.) Now then, this is all from me at this point in time. I’ll see you soon-ish.

Zhao Junning

39th MC Media Director

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