From: ysk
Subject: JustEnrichment
Message: Hello, Is JustEnrichment gone for good or will you guys bring it back? There were years and years of good muggers there even for electives.

Status Progress

Pending follow-up

Hello ysk,

tl;dr: JustEnrichment can be accessed here pending a move to its new permanent address and some aesthetic updates. Read on for our full response!

Don’t worry, JustEnrichment is not gone for good, it was just down for some unscheduled maintenance. The main reason that JustEnrichment had to be taken down was because the software it had been running on was misbehaving. The JustEnrichment that you and I are familiar with was built with a Content Management System (“CMS”) software called Joomla and various plugins including one “sh404sef”. Both Joomla and sh404sef has seen numerous updates through the years. Joomla, in particular, underwent a significant change at the end of 2014 when Joomla 2.5 reached its end-of-life then. Unfortunately, the updates that were meant to improve Joomla and sh404sef eventually put the two in conflict such that at some point in time sh404sef became stuck in an error loop. This loop was a huge drain on the resources of the Law Club MC’s server: not only was it constantly maxing up the CPU usage, it managed to accumulate a 3.9 GB error log taking up precious space that could have been used for the websites of the various sub-clubs. While attempts had been made to debug the problem, I faced difficulties in pin-pointing the problem. Eventually a decision was made to take JustEnrichment offline to explore solutions around the problem.

We are cognisant of the fact that JustEnrichment was and still is a key part of BTC. Ideas we explored included hosting the files on Law Club MC’s NUSync page or on a CampusPress site hosted by NUS. However, these ideas were ultimately rejected because it was difficult to extract the metadata for the files that were hosted on JustEnrichment (they were tagged using a plugin called “k2” and while it was stored in a table on the server’s database and could be easily extracted, building or adapting something to use that data is currently beyond me). Ultimately, an attempt was made to recreate JustEnrichment on the latest version of Joomla without sh404sef. As the documentation for sh404sef did not exactly set out how it was installed within Joomla, this involved making a fresh installation of Joomla and updating the files and databases bit by bit. The end result is what you see before you today. While the original installation of JustEnrichment still sits on the server, it has been disabled. All the muggers have been transferred to the new installation. I have confirmed that the new installation is in working condition although the aesthetics may leave something to be desired. I seek your understanding on that point and will look towards improving it over Winter Break.

I hope this has answered your question. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information. This has been marked as pending follow-up due to upcoming changes to the location and design of the new installation.

Best Regards,

Zhao Junning

39th MC Media Director

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