Medical Reimbursement Guide

Hi Law School!

Feeling under the weather? Or caught a cold from that person sneezing away in the Angsana?

Fret not! Now you can be reimbursed when you visit the doctor and get a good dose of medicine!

Law Club would like to inform and remind all students about the University Health Centre’s Medical Expenses Reimbursement Scheme.

In case you didn’t already know, you can submit 2 claims per year for your visits to GP clinics nearby BTC, up to $50 per visit!

This scheme is open to all full-time undergraduates from Law only (presumably since the University Health Centre is all the way at Kent Ridge).

We’ve compiled a handy guide for your reference, which includes the list of qualifying clinics, details of the reimbursement process and the claim form. Click here to access the guide: Medical Reimbursement Guide

Now you have no excuse not to visit the doctor and stay in the pink of health!

Kind regards,
Your 36th Law Club MC

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