2(a) LWKA-blackRajah & Tann Singapore LLP is the Law Club’s Welfare sponsorship partner. The Club’s welfare initiatives include examination welfare packs, freebie giveaways and chill out sessions. With the firm’s sponsorship, you can look forward to bigger and better welfare initiatives coming your way this year! Find our more about Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP at http://recruit.rajahtann.com/ Here’s a summary of events organized during AY2014/2015:

Sem 1

Inter Faculty Games August 2014
Justice League September 2014
Sem 1 Welfare Pack Giveaway November 2014

Sem 2

Law Fraternity Games January 2015
JustOne Party (collaboration with Justified) January 2015
Law Careers Fair February 2015
Law Med Games March 2015
Open House March 2015
Sem 2 Welfare Pack Giveaway April 2015
Law Beach Games 25 July 2015
Block B Carnival (collaboration with LSIRC) 16 September 2015


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General information

To law firms:
If you would like to publicise information on TC Applications or other events to law students, please send your email blast to publicity@nuslawclub.com, and we will forward it to the relevant student population. Thank you.