Mooting and Debating Club


At NUS Law, mooting competitions are the most prestigious competitions a student can participate in. Many distinguished members of the legal profession, including senior counsels, judges and the law minister, were once top mooters at NUS.

Given the prestige of mooting competitions, the NUS Mooting & Debating Club (MDC) occupies a truly privileged position. It is responsible for organising various local mooting competitions such as the Mallal Moots and the Advocacy Cup. Club members will have the opportunity to liaise and work with representatives from the big law firms which sponsor the various mooting competitions, and with distinguished members of the legal profession invited to preside over the moots. MDC members will also have priority in joining external mooting competitions such as the LAWASIA International Moot. 

New initiatives this year include special training sessions for all new mooters, coaching workshops for the Year One Viva and Moot examination components, as well as talks and tea sessions with law firms. These are rare opportunities that would enhance any law student’s experiences in Law School and position them for an exciting future career, so take the plunge and join us today! 

Thank you!