Law School International Relations Committee


The NUS Law Students International Relations Committee (LSIRC) is a local chapter of ALSA (Asian Law Students Association) Singapore.

LSIRC makes your law school experience truly global! Being the club with the most happening and exciting activities, we add colour to life in NUS Law. With us you will get the opportunity to meet law students from all over the world through the Exchange Buddy Programme, and interact with law students from across Asia.

Within ALSA we participate in Study Trips, travelling overseas to visit our friends in other member countries such as Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, The Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. These trips not only give you the opportunity to make international friends from all over the world, literally, but they also really expose you to their different cultures and lifestyles.

Another thing LSIRC does is it allows you to see Singapore in a different light, because besides travelling abroad to attend Study Trips, Conferences and Forums elsewhere, sometimes it’s also our turn to host our foreign friends in Singapore. You’d be surprised how much more you learn about your own country when you start making arrangements for foreign friends – deciding on the best places to take them, what food you should introduce them to, what exciting activities you ought to occupy them with…whether in the daytime or all the way into the night! Sexytime.

If you’re ready to broaden your perspective of the world, LSIRC is the club you don’t want to miss out on in Law School!