Previously known as law annual, Justified has since undergone a radical transformation. We have taken our presence online with the help of social media.

Justified is now a new and improved sub-club which seeks to foster a greater sense of law school spirit and unity amongst students through its 3 platforms: Justified (online website), Overheard @ NUS Law and Semesterly prints in hardcopy.

Justified is the go-to online portal for the latest updates on all law school activities. It offers an immediate coverage of major law school events. Soon after the end of the event, we will update the results and provide a brief overview of the event on Justified. Amazing photographs will be also be uploaded on our Facebook Group, Overheard @ NUS Law. In a little more time, you will see a full, tantalising write-up of the event on Justified. In addition, Justified offers an entertaining column called Law School Trivia that will be updated weekly. This is put together by our very own students who will give you insight into the random aspects of law school. These include juicy interviews with professors and deans listers, “brilliant” reviews of our very own Summit food, and even places to study during peak hours in school.

Overheard @ NUS Law is a central platform for law students of all years and cliques to interact and share with one another. It operates on a closed Facebook group which the whole student population is connected to. In line with the phenomenon of micro-blogging, students are invited to post their interesting law school-related statuses and funny incidents on this central page. Photos of events and updates of law school activities will also be posted on this Facebook group.

The semesterly prints reflect an instant snapshot of law school life in a particular semester, and serves as a good memoir for students. Seeking to retain a print version of law school events, Law Annual will be condensing all the activities of a semester into an A3 poster, coloured and double-sided. Towards the last quarter of each semester, these posters will be printed and put up in strategic places on campus. Students can also get a free copy at designated distribution points.

With these 3 platforms, who says law school can’t be fun?

For those who wish to join this mega social wave hitting law school, email us at Photographers, Columnists and Journalists are very much welcomed!

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