The NUS Criminal Justice Club (“CJC”) was formed in September 2009 to raise awareness of important criminal justice issues amongst law students. Under different student-driven projects, we engage in our own research and events to pursue a range of criminal law-related objectives. Our faculty advisors are Professor Walter Woon, Assoc. Prof Chan Wing Cheong, and Asst. Prof Cheah Wui Ling.


The Military Justice Project is an initiative aimed at increasing awareness of the military law governing Singapore Armed Forces personnel among the general public and servicemen, as well as their families. We are currently working on condensing this relatively unexplored field of law in order to educate the general public and servicemen about the structure and process of military law, and have also organized various events that bring together authorities on military law.

Secondly, the Innocence Project is a student-led initiative that seeks to provide recourse to individuals who believe they have been wrongfully convicted of crimes. The first of its kind in Singapore, the Innocence Project is a collaborative effort among the NUS Criminal Justice Club, the Pro Bono Services Office and the Association of Criminal Lawyers in Singapore. The Innocence Project has also recently completed its first successful case, securing the discharge of an accused who had already been sentenced (  

Thirdly, the Criminal Law Website Project is a collaboration between NUS CJC and the Law Society. Students write headnotes for unreported judgments, which are both then published in a database and made more accessible to criminal defence lawyers. The website will also feature interviews with practitioners and academic articles on criminal law.

In addition to these ongoing projects, the CJC also organises various activities to explore intriguing criminal law topics and criminal

practice. For example, the Criminal Justice Conference is a dialogue session to discuss selected criminal law topics with panelists of varied backgrounds.

The Attorney-General’s Cup is an annual competition between NUS and SMU, and is the only criminal law moot in Singapore.


Dialogue sessions are also organized as platforms for esteemed guests to share their insights. Previous prominent speakers include ex- CJ Chan Sek Keong, and the Law Minister, K Shanmugam.