Justice League 2016



Hi Law School!

After the unfortunate advent of burnt wood invading our atmosphere last year, we are pleased to announce the much anticipated return of Law School’s very own JUSTICE LEAGUE!

For the uninitiated, Justice League is not a poorly done comic book movie adaptation (see Batman v Superman [2016] WBDC), but is a friendly inter-batch competition open to EVERYONE in Law School! This winter blockbuster will be held on 2nd Dec 2016.

To sign-up, simply contact the captains in charge of the sport(s) you are interested in! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to try a new sport/get closer to that hunk or babe in that IFG shirt you’ve been eyeing across Summit/make new friends outside of your year/simply wind down with your peers after yet another intense(ive) semester (hurhur). Regardless, it’ll be great fun so make sure you sign up now!

Your friendly neighbourhood sport directors
Alfie & Josi

P.S Sign-ups close end October

P.P.S ULTIMATE FRISBEE is also taking part! Contact Captain Ershad at 91260036 to sign up! 🙂

THURSDAY, MAY 25, 2017

General information

To law firms:
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