NUS Law Club

THURSDAY, MAY 25, 2017

General information

To law firms:
If you would like to publicise information on TC Applications or other events to law students, please send your email blast to publicity@nuslawclub.com, and we will forward it to the relevant student population. Thank you.

Hi Law School! After the unfortunate advent of burnt wood invading our atmosphere last year, we are pleased to announce the much anticipated return of Law School’s very own JUSTICE LEAGUE! For the uninitiated, Justice League is not a poorly done comic book movie adaptation (see Batman v Superman [2016] WBDC), but is a friendly […]

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  Hey Law School! Have you ever wanted to start your own initiative but didn’t know how to start? Law Club is introducing a new Welfare programme called Ground-Up Initiatives! In a nutshell, Ground Up Initiatives are YOUR initiatives. We want to encourage and support your ideas for projects, activities and events. The rationale behind […]

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Hi Law School! Pursuant to our previous email, the annual AGM will be postponed due to lack of quorum. It will be held the following Thursday, 29th September 2016, 6pm at SR5-3. The agenda is as follows: 1. Passing of the Reports of the 36th Law Club Management Committee 2. Passing of the Reports of […]

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