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To law firms:
If you would like to publicise information on TC Applications or other events to law students, please send your email blast to publicity@nuslawclub.com, and we will forward it to the relevant student population. Thank you.

Dear Law School, In view of updated figures of the total student population for AY2016/2017, there will be an addition of one voting right to the existing 10 voting rights accorded to the Law Faculty under Clause 7 of Regulation 9 of the Statutes and Regulations of the National University of Singapore. The new position […]

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Dear Law School, The 37th Law Club Management Committee Nomination Rounds were concluded on Saturday, 20th August 2016 at 1800hrs. The following is the list of nominees for the 37th Law Club Management Committee (in alphabetical order): a. Alfino Eu Zijian b. Elisabeth Liang c. Gina Ding Huaxing d. James Quah Jun Zhi e. Lee […]

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Hi Law School, As stated in the general election notice email sent on 6 August 2016, this is the final timeline for the whole election process over the next few weeks: 12th August – Information Session 15th August to 20th August – Nomination Period 21st August – Confirmation of Candidates + Announcement of Candidates by […]

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